137th Knowledge Seekers Workshop Sept 15 2016 - Keshe Short Clips- Health

Presentation by Sandy about the Universal Council Conference in Rome Sept 9 & 10 2016
MK announces there are now around 50 doctors in the Medical teachings PLUS about 300 doctors in China who will have to separate into a different class

Paul from Togo then presents his case of a woman and her husband with HIV or AIDS, and with dramatic improvement in their conditions with the use of Plasma liquid water for drinking washing cleaning etc.
MK then talks to Benjamin in Ghana about his use of Plasma liquid and finds astonishing results in high blood pressure, eczema and other diseases. MK announces this research will be presented at the Ghana conference in October and says the new generator will be unveiled simultaneously in Ghana and at the Vatican to the Pope on the 20th of October
MK announces a 2nd Universal Science conference in Rome 12th to the 15th December at the Crown Plaza
Rick Crammond then reads Peter from Austria’s inspiring report on the conference
Azar tells an interesting story and gets MKs feedback
Ali asks MK to enlighten us all a bit more on pyramids, with MK giving some more enlightenment on the use of the star formation pyramid (or tetrahedron) in which there is always H+ on top
A conversation with Foca Florin from Romania who is developing the GANS water in plastic tube application of the technology
03:06 Stephan shows his carousel and is told not use the hot glue as this has proven to be a fire risk in the stacker units, but he is complimented on his technological experimentation
MK then points out that in the former blueprints the capacitors were wired in the wrong way, and this is why some people may not have been getting good results
The workshop is finally brought to a close by Ruthy from China, whom we met at Farhad’s workshop in Germany, and then again at the UC meeting in Rome – she asks some questions on behalf of her Chinese group.

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